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In 1992, Mr. Fan Litao went to Shanghai from his hometown, a small village  in Zhejiang province, to start the business and set up Shanghai Chuangshi Industry in 1994.

In 1997, we began to enter the medical industry, with the aim to set up central laboratory for hospitals and sell clinical diagnostic reagents. But along with the business, there’s a difficult problem: reagents transportation. Mr. Fan came up with a solution: fill the empty coke plastic bottles with water and then put them into refrigerator. These frozen bottles can prevent reagents from metamorphism, which was the earliest domestic cold chain. With the increasing needs of reagents, the supply of coke plastic bottles fell short of demand, so Mr. Fan and his team replaced coke bottles with plastic bags, filled with water and polymer or brine, which became the earliest domestic ice pack. Later, they learnt a concept “super” from an American magazine, forming the name “Super Ice Pack” which later had been very popular in domestic market. 

At the same year in 1997, our super ice pack began to be sold in “The First Medical Store” in Nanjing Eastern Road of Shanghai, and achieved very good sales.

In 1998, German Noble Medical felt very interested in our super ice pack and offered us a cold & hot pack, 29*12cm,320G. Finally we developed this product successfully, which is the earliest cold & hot pack in domestic market. 

In early 1999, Mr. Fan and his team improved ice pack’s inner material and finally developed a new portable and environment friendly ice pack. Besides, they initiated the concept of Intant Cold/Ice Pack. In 1999 Spring Canton Fair, CSI began the first foreign sales period of Cold & Hot Pack.

In 2000, we successfully got the first deal from German Noble Medical, 100,000 pcs hot & cold pack.