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    Xingya Marine Valves
    Address:Xingtai Industrial Park

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    About Us

    Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. located in Industrial Park, Xingtai Town, Jiangya, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, near the Yan-Jing (S29) highway edge, convenient transportation and favorable environmental conditions. The company was founded in 1993, specialized in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel and stainless steel marine series of valves, piping accessories, which are accord with the GB, CB, CBM or JIS standards and rules. Products are manufactured from the blank to end product with excellent manufacturing facilities and mature process, and the quality management system of company is sound and detection means are complete. In the production of marine valves and piping accessories, the main technical performance indicators are in line with technical requirements of marine products.

    1.      Basic information

    Company covers 28,900 square meters and a building area of 18,000 square meters, with 158 employees. And 26 of the work staffs are professional.

    Xingya Marine Valve owns more than 100 unit machine to produce marine valve and piping accessories from DN6 to DN1000 (mm) and PN0.1 to PN20.0 (Mpa). And the annual manufacturing capacity is more than 100,000 pieces and sets of products.

    Xingya has established some management departments such as manager office, financial office, operating department, quality management department and a production & technical department.

    Company has established a metal workshop, a foundry shop, an assembly workshop, a product inspection & testing workshop, a cleaning & trimming shop, a fitting production workshop, a drill machine shop, a fitters’ team, a welders’ team and a physical & chemical lab.

    2.      Quality System and Quality Control

    Xingya obtained a certificate of Metrical Conformity Confirmation in 2000.

    The company obtained a certificate of GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System issued by China Classification Society (CCS) Quality Assurance Co., Ltd. in January, 2002 and obtained a new certificate after their verification examination & approval in January, 2005.

    Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. passed the Industrial Product Manufacturing Permission License examination & verification conducted by the Technical Supervision Bureau and its products were inspected & tested to be conforming by the Inspection & Test Center of Ship Research Institute in June 2002.

    Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. obtained CCS Approval for its marine valves products after examination and verification conducted by the China Classification Society (CCS) in July 2004 and obtained BV Approval in September in the same year. It is now possible for the company to send its products for product inspection by other ship classification societies.

    All the workers and staff members in the Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. armed with a new concept are now implementing the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System standard during all the producing processes.

    The Quality Management Department is responsible for the routine quality management work and is staffed with 7 full-time or part-time inspectors. The physical & chemical lab is responsible for physical and chemical tests of the raw materials purchased from outside, blank products and castings made in the company according to the requirements specified in the standards. And the pressure inspections & tests facilities are able to do oil, water and gas inspection & test. The products of the company can meet the technical requirements of marine products inspections and tests and also the standards & norms of product material and manufacture.

    3.      Technical Standards for products

    Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. implements such applicable standards in the manufacture of its products as the national standards GB and GB/T, the trade standards CB and CB/T, the trade & foreign trade standards CBM, JIS standards and other related standards or has the products manufactured to order according to the standards required by the customer.

    The product quality is inspected and tested according to the marine product standards listed below: GB600-91, GB3032-89, GB11698-89, GB3021-94, GB/T3927-99, GB772-86, GB9439-88, GB1348-88, GB1176-87 and CCS.

    4.      Reputation and After-sale Services

    Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. provides assorted services for more than 100 shipyards in the country and the products are stable and reliable in quality as proven in their long term uses by our customers. Our surveys and feedback received from the customers have proven that the products and service satisfy our customers well.

    An after-sale service team is established under the Operating Department, which is responsible for the follow-up services after sales. The operating and service personnel take the satisfaction to the requirements of customers as their own task and render excellent after-sale services timely.

    The quality policy of Jiangsu Xingya Marine Valve Co., Ltd. is: Pragmatic & Precise, Keeping on Improving and Customer Supreme. All the workers and staff members keep themselves market-oriented, and try to meet the needs of the customers. They have established the conviction of gaining the market share by providing the high quality products and first-class services to customers.




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